Charley Chase and what she has to say about her Live Porn Show career:

Not a lot of people have heard of Super Hot Pornstar Charley Chase and that’s because she always likes to take a second role when it comes down to huge productions that end up on DVD or on paysites. She has gone a great way to keep herself off the free porn tubes, she has always considered them unproductive for her career, and she only wants to be seen having sex in front of a paying audience, in other words an audience that sits down specifically to watch her and that’s why she is one of the most popular live porn videos models that they are on the Internet today.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (52 kg)
Measurements: 34D-25-36
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 27 years OLD
Date of Birth: August 6, 1987
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Kentucky, USA
Ethnicity: American/Italian/Puerta Rican
Race: Caucasian/Latin

Additional info:
Tattoos: Jalapeno pepper on right butt cheek; Cat-angels (black and white) with harps on pubes
Piercings: Tongue; Both nipples; Navel; Clit
Aliases: Charlie Chase, Charley, Charlie
Started in 2007 at approx 20 years old

There are just a few statistics for you, if you want to see a little more about Charley Chase Live Webcam Porn shows and other personal details about this gorgeous model, then you can click on the link that I just provided in this paragraph at any time or you can continue reading and click on it later LOL.

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Charley you naughty pornstar you!

I am always very happy to contribution in blog posting and helping out blog owners right articles for their websites and especially when it comes down to contribution and spending a few words on blogs that are dedicated to adult models that I actually like and in this case Charley Chase is definitely one of the Live Pornstar Movie makers that I enjoy watching the most.

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Extremely good looks, great body, beautiful face, filthy minded, she likes taking it in all her holes and she is really good at what she does and she is deftly not camera shy especially when it comes down to Live Webcam Porn, I have been told that many pornstars when doing it live in front of a live audience and they know that they are being watched by hundreds of thousands of people they get a little shy but not in this goes case she gets even more filthy and totally lets herself go and does anything what the guy wants her to do.

Said that I really don’t need to add any more, other than my next suggestion for you would to be to check out the Cherry Pimps Models blog and see when this gorgeous porn star is actually performing live and of course the many hundreds of others that also doing the live porn thing that everybody is talking about.

Simply amazing live pornstar sex happening… Charley is totally on it!

I mean come on guys check out this photograph and tell me if or not Charley Chase on is simply gorgeous or not. It’s a rhetorical question considering that he is stunning and she is also really naughty when it comes down to handling that thing that guys have between their legs, it’s funny because that’s what she calls it LOL. One of today’s most popular pornstars, that really has nowhere else to go even further up, it today she is in the top 50 I’m ready to bet that after a few more live porn shows and a few more thousand visitors, fans, watchers, followers, or whatever you want to call them, I’m sure that she will be making the top 10 very soon. Being an adult model is not just being sexy, you have to be filthy minded, you have to be a total slut, if you have all this then you are what she is a really hot and filthy pornstar.


She is going all the way and now that she is involved totally in Live Pornstars Sex and streaming her porn live over the Internet, that happens to be the new thing and about to be the most popular thing in adult entertainment then you have a combination of total success. You could bring any hot chick and have her do what Charley is doing and she wouldn’t even come close, because like I’ve already stated in this blog post you need to have the skills and this chick is absolutely gifted for what she is doing.

I’m very excited because she will be doing another one of these Pornstars Live porn shows in the next few days and I already have my ticket the front row and nothing in the world, not even a tornado, hurricane or an earthquake will keep me away from watching her live performance and porn that will last at least two hours no kidding.

Live she’s even better than I thought!… Live Porn Rocks!

Charley Chase if you think that she is super hot when you watch her on a porn video over at or any other popular porn to that out there on the web, or if you think she’s super hot by watching her on HD DVD or Blu-ray, or if you think that she superhot just by looking at some of her magnificent naked pictures, and you’re in for a surprise because you have not seen her yet in a live Pornstars Show. I thought that she could not possibly be better than what she already is, who was ever seen her perform in a porn video will know what I’m talking about I will understand how good she is when it comes to taking cock in all your holes, this girl is amazing, but even more amazing when it comes down to getting fucked on live video.

That was an honest introduction, I wasn’t even exaggerating when I settle at, and if you have yet to see this gorgeous woman perform in what she does best and therefore porn I would suggest that you jump over the porn videos and the magazine and the DVDs and check out immediately one of her Live Pornstars Sex shows, check out when scheduled next and sit down to watch it as you will be totally flabbergasted from what you see.

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Nevertheless the guys over at claim that her Live Porn Videos were seen by hundreds, not by thousands, not by tens of thousands, but her shows was seen by hundreds of thousands of fans, she is actually one of the top five most seen porn stars on this network. That’s another reason to make sure that you get to see her live the next time that she is performing live!

Charley Chase Loves Riding Cock Live on webcam.

First of all let me say that watching her life she looks a lot better than the photograph that I grabbed and put on this blog post, I mean she loves his autograph but she looks even better when she’s taking Dick on live WebCam. Anyways, the title is what a friend of mine told me two days ago, this was over the phone, and he told me what website to log onto to see it happen, there are a lot of Live Pornstars that work on this network, however my friend called me because he knows for a fact that Charley Chase is in fact my favorite porn star, IA have actually met her in person at the AVN show in Las Vegas back in 2010 and she is one hell of a hot bitch, a little potty mouth maybe, but she has a fantastic body and incredible smile and if you check her out next time that she is live over at you’ll actually see for yourself exactly what I’m talking about.


so, when I found out about Charley Chase on Cherry Pimps I sign up, I had to see her live shows, and I had to see the past shows that I had missed that are all in the archives of this website, I was a little intimidated to see how much all this would cost me, but in reality it really didn’t cost that much at all. You have to take in consideration that you have a porn star every day doing a live show and you have hundreds if not thousands of past shows all listed and all ready at your fingertips to play.

I was very comfortable with the price it is two dollars a day if you want to sign up daily mean if you want to watch a show and only show it’s two bucks, if you prefer to take it for a month and watch over 30 shows at all 30 shows obviously all live and watch all the past Live Pornstar Shows in the archives than that will cost you something like a dollar a day, 30 bucks total, remember that all these videos that are in the archives, all the millions of photographs that are also in the archives you will not see them on any porn tube or anywhere else on the Internet there is no way you can get access to them other than this website so this is a enormous explosive thousands of videos and photographs.

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